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Florida Business Valuations, Business Appraisals, and Business Plans

Exit Planning

We recently completed an appraisal for a small firm managing corporate events.  The Owner had built a sizable company over the last 20+ years and is now looking at retirement.  The Owner had the foresight to posture the company such that the employees are able to operate without direct oversight, making the planned exit seamless.

All too often, we come across businesses wherein the Owner is the key person, making an exit difficult and costly.  By setting systems in-place so that employees are able to function with modest oversight is the most valuable key to exit planning

Price Vs. Value

What is the difference between a business’ value and the deal price? Plenty!!!

Why is it two buyers for your business will have very different prices they are willing to pay? The answer is the buyer who has the most to gain will pay the most money. This sounds obvious, but if we understand each buyers’ future benefit of ownership, we can focus on those buyers who have the most to gain and therefore will venture the most money.

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